Encore Melaka




The theatre is engineered using latest technology. The performance is presented in a new genre and innovative art production – 360-degree rotating auditorium and multi stages, while equipped with advanced audio and a 3D video mapping projection. Audience will not be seated passively but would be made as one of the performers.

Expected to see an astounding performance. Along with the 200 performers, intricate theatre props with special effect are used to enhance the dramatic and visual effects of the show. The inclusiveness of Melaka is expressed through the blend of traditional and contemporary dance forms.

The 360-degree rotating audience platform is the ‘heart’ of Encore Melaka. Audience will be rotated at a maximum speed of 5 meter per second, stable enough not to be noticed by the audience and quiet enough not to interfere show performance.

Yong Tai’s strong engagement with various production houses that feature local and international artists and performers allowed the Group to collaborate with various performers to produce exciting, diverse and various live shows at its Encore Melaka Theatre. The Group also offers flexible packages to help local production houses get back on their feet after two years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Encore Melaka show lineup is filled with exciting names and diverse performances. The live performances slated to be performed in Encore Melaka is diverse, ranging from whimsical music and drum theatre, film, concert, talk show, piano recital and many more. To find more on the live performances scheduled, the audience can go to the link attached here: https://encore-melaka.com/show/.

The Theatre

The one-of-a-kind auditorium is designed by China’s state-owned Beijing Institute of Architectural Design’s Chief Architect, Wang Ge and constructed by the experts of Hangzhou’s Joinus, the team renowned for engineering spectacular stage platforms through the harmonious integration of technology and art.

The geometric facade has concaved arcs and is wrapped in porcelain-like scales. The 400,000 pieces of aluminium composite panels – combined with hundreds of thousands fish scale-like LED panels reflects light from the ever-changing sky of Melaka. The magnificent theatre embodies the cloud and the sea, movement and serenity - where East meet West. The unconventional concept represents a journey through time and space complementing the storyline of Encore Melaka.

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