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An international award winning township development sited in Kota Laksamana, Melaka, fronting the Straits of Malacca. This landmark project with projected gross development value of RM7.0 billion is estimated to be implemented in 8 years. A tourist centric cultural development, Impression City is composed of the iconic Impression Melaka theatre, hotels, serviced apartments, commercial complexes, office towers, DIY experience centres, educational and wellness facilities, retail and shopping centres and a yacht club. A saltwater canal runs through the commercial zones, its shorelines lined with lush green landscaping, integrating nature into the city through an ensemble of plants and architecture. Gardens, pathways and lawn areas provide a refreshing natural retreat from urban life for residents and visitors.

Impression City is dedicated to bring a burst of modernity into the historic city of Melaka, offering a contemporary mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, culture, arts, lifestyle and other unparalleled delights for tourists and locals alike.

Development Profile:

  • Size of project: 138 acre integrated mixed development
  • Location: Kota Laksamana, Melaka, fronting the Straits of Malacca
  • Total GDV RM7.0billion
  • Tourist centric cultural resort
  • Consisting:-
    1. Impression Melaka theatre
    2. Hotels
    3. Serviced apartments
    4. Commercial complexes
    5. Office towers
    6. DIY experience centres
    7. Educational and wellness facilities
    8. Retail and shopping centres
    9. Yacht club

Encore Melaka is the only tourism development project showcased during the Malaysia-China Economic Summit witnessed by President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak.

Encore Melaka


The notable landmark of Impression City is “Encore Melaka”. Set to become the future cultural icon of Melaka, Encore Melaka will stand majestically on 17 acres of land on the shores of the Straits of Malacca. The theatre, designed by China’s state-owned Beijing Institute of Architectural Design’s Chairman and Chief Architect, Zhu Xiaodi, will house 2000 seats. Inside, a state-of-the-art 360-degree rotating auditorium will be constructed by the experts of Hangzhou’s Joinus, renowned for engineering spectacular stage platforms through the harmonious integration of technology and art.

Established in 1998 and co-founded by prominent Chinese directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, the Impression Series has successfully staged nine highly sought after productions in China. The productions are meticulously crafted by weaving in local landscape and cultural elements with light and sound technologies into remarkable performances that leave the audience in awe.

About Encore Melaka:

Upholding our heritage and culture, Impression Series • Encore Melaka is excited to present a mesmerising performance with a series of touching life stories of the locals. It is not any cultural performance for tourists, it is a performance that reflects a society that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.

Impression Series • Encore Melaka will be an immerse visual and auditory experience for the audience. Expect to see astounding projection mapping, intricate theatre props and carefully chosen costumes. The inclusiveness of Melaka is expressed through the blend of traditional and contemporary dance performs by 200 local performers.

In an approximately 70-min show, audience would go through the 6 centuries of history literally crossing through time and space. What you would bring back is not merely the story of a rich historical place but an intellectual reflection of the true essence of Melaka – a good model of multicultural coexistence.

About The Theatre:

A performance theatre experience that will never be the same.

The performance will be presented in a new art genre by incorporating innovative art production – our 360-degree rotating auditorium with multiple-stage. Through the vivid combination of audio and lighting – forgotten scenes come into life. Audience will not be seated passively on the auditorium but would be made as one of the performers.

The Building Design:

Encore Melaka theatre is a landmark of contemporary architecture in Melaka, hiding inside its six centuries of Melaka history. The chief architect of Encore Melaka theatre is Mr Wang Ge from Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) – renowned as a technological research center of informatization architecture design and construction in Beijing.

Since its inception in 1949, BIAD has become a force to be reckoned with. Their architectural designs have pushed the envelope of aesthetic and engineering design. To feature a multi-ethnicity and cultural diversity of Melaka, Wang Ge designed an uncomplicated yet sophisticated theatre. He believes less is more.

The theatre comprises of blue and white, colours of purity and eternity. The simplicity of Encore Melaka theatre reflects the unpretentious society inviting the world to the compelling story of Melaka. Audiences are welcomed by an organic canopy entrance leading to a blue foyer – the marker of the main façade – covering with porcelain tiles. Different shade of blues adds finishing touches that bring spaces to life. It is a metaphor for Melaka’s multiculturalism where they would mingle and naturally merge into a united society as a whole. The rich atmospheric ambiance of the interior facade is a preamble of the fullness of Encore Melaka performance.

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At The Pines Hotel, be pampered with modern tranquillity and welcoming warmth as traditional meets sophistication.

The Pines Hotel


This luxurious hotel is the first in Melaka to offer salted water swimming pool and pool suites with private access to the swimming pool. Featuring 390 rooms,
with most rooms affording an expansive 46sqm, The Pines also has the largest hotel rooms in Melaka. Equipped with queen size sofa bed, these rooms are ideal
for a cosy stay for the whole family without having to add extra beds.

With the tagline “Curiously Charming”, The Pines wants you to immerse in the charm of olden days Malacca where dreamy, historical splendour is weaved with
chic comforts. Original paintings by local artists are displayed in the Executive Rooms, while exquisite local artwork is incorporated in its amenities.
Hotel transport and signage also feature creative designs.

Truly, a stay at The Pines is nothing short of a nostalgic experience, infused with the harmony of instant serenity and urban passion.

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Encore Melaka is the only tourism development project showcased during the Malaysia-China Economic Summit witnessed by President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak.

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